A tool designed for a single goal: satisfy your needs!

We want every user to be able to customize our design projects in a practical way. That's why we have built a control panel which combines different tools. Discover all features.

The Dashboard is your personal control panel with tools for direct interaction on plans
Dashboard Modifile
Letter A My Models
Side menu that lists the items purchased. Select the model on which you want to work, this will appear on the Configurator main window. My Models menu will allow you to work and move easily from one product to another. When you buy a product, it will be added automatically and will appear in this section.
Letter B Dashboard
Clicking on the Dashboard button access to the heart of Modifile. In main central window the Configurator will appear. From here you can start to change and download the items, according to your needs, in a very fast way. The 3D model and product plan respond practically in real time to your changes.
Letter C Controllers
Sidebar consisting of a series of commands that allows you to perform different actions to modify the drawings plans. Through these commands it is possible to change length, width, height and thickness of the plans before being downloaded; it allows you to view assembly instructions, activate or delete the “dog-bone”option.
Letter B Download Files
With a click proceed to download the plan – vector file in .dxf of the product which you have modified.
How many times can you change the plan? There are no limits of time or "actions" before downloading the plan.

The User Admin is the tool for managing articles, created to access more extensive information about your purchases and manage your personal data
Modifile Dashboard
Number One Orders History
The register of all your Modifile orders.
Number Two Licenses Info
The register of all your Modifile licenses, the information related to them and where to renew them.
Number Three Expiry Dates
The section where are displayed the start and end dates of each License.
Modifile Slogan User Admin
In this section you can view deadlines, refer to and print invoices, renew licenses and get information on payments.

My Licenses is your download zone
Modifile Dashboard
Letter A My Models
Show the list of purchased items.
Letter B My Licenses
All the Commercial Licenses of each item purchased together with its instructions, downloadable with a click.
Letter C Pdf Licenses
Where to download the Commercial License text of each product purchased.
Letter D HD Instructions
Where you can download the assembly instructions in high resolution. .

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein