Tips for manufacturers

This section explain why it so important use our Joint Test before cutting any Modifile furniture with a cnc machine and how it works.
We consider these info useful for any producer who want to realize wood snap-together furniture.

Some wood joints employ fasteners, bindings, or adhesives, while others use only wood elements. The characteristics of wood - strength, flexibility, toughness, appearance, etc. - allow to design furniture very easy to assembly. Receiving pressure from two directions, wooden joints are design to hold without the use of glue or fasteners. With clever joints and compression fittings, the structure is strong and can be assembled and moved with ease.
All these are the reasons we designed snap-together furniture.

Joint Tester is available after place an order. You can find it inside your dashboard in the side menu that lists the item purchased.
Joint Test - Instructions for use
In the test configurator it is necessary to set the material thickness you'd like to use for the realization of the Modifile model.
Automatically the configurator will generate the joint test, scaled with 1 tenths of a millimeter reduction for each slot.
The configurator will display clearly these numerical parameters.

How it works - Thicknesses setting
A practical example: we set the joint test for a 20mm material thickness. Therefore, the test will be generated with the following measures: 20.00mm / 19.9mm / 19.8mm / 19.7mm / 19.6mm.
Video instructions - How to reach compression fittings
As you can see in the tutorial video, we show you the correct way that the compression joint should go together to ensure that it does not swing. The use of a rubber hammer can help you. This kind of pressure is the ideal in order to obtain a solid and compact structure that does not require the addition of glues or screws.
After cutting the tester, we have realized that the CNC machine we are using erodes 2 tenths of a millimeter less than the 20mm starting margin. So we concluding that it will be necessary to set the thickness measure at 19,8mm.
Why Is It Important To Realize The Test?
We must be sure that our joints works correctly and at give us the maximum of their structural performance.
Every CNC machine is different, there is no a general standard and it's possible there is a different margin of material consumption during cutting. This difference, even if minimal, can cause weak or erroneous wooden joints.

So, using the Joint Test, you can accurately recognize the cutting margin of your cnc and set it. This is the fastest and cheapest way to avoid mistakes and material waste.