What is a commercial license for?

Each Modifile product is linked to its commercial license. The license will allow you to make and sell our designs in a legal and secure manner.
Thinking to be helpful for many type of business, we have created different licenses rates, tailored to various necessity and dedicated to small, medium or large needs.
Choose the license rate best suited to your purpose, read carefully which tools we provide and be prepared to make your products for sale.

What will you get purchasing a Commercial License:

  • Access to the Dashboard for 1 year from purchase date
  • Official Commercial License Agreement
  • License term of 1 year (renewable)
  • Infinite configuration and download possibilities
  • Download .dxf file
  • Compatibility with vector programs (Ai, Corel Draw, Autocad, etc.)
  • Files compatible with cnc machines (Laser, router, plotters)
  • Assembly instructions available on the Configurator
  • HD customizable assembly instructions
  • "Dog-bone" option for milling machines
  • Drill bit thickness parameter

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Within the "COMMERCIAL LICENSE" you can choose between 3 different rates depending on the volume of your production.
Identify the product of your interest, select the rate related to the number of reproductions that you intend (or presume) to do and proceed with the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, you will be able to log-in your personal Control Panel, here the product you have purchased will appear and you can immediately start modifying.
You can download the file plans with your changes as often as you want, in this way you can customize the same model endless times, change parameters, modify/alter, make it sizes or different thicknesses for multiple materials.

What does it mean choose a rate?
Take for example the rate "50 reproductions in 1 year": with this license typology you will be entitled to make from 1 up to a maximum of 50 reproductions of the finished product during the span of a year. Attention! You must not consider the calendar year but the date of purchase of the license (if, for example, the purchase takes place on 25/04/2018, the deadline will be 25/04/2019). You can always find this information in your Control Panel.

What do I have to do at the end of the license year?
When the license expires you will not be able to continue to make finished products, even if you have not reached the maximum quota provided by your type of license. Attention! It is forbidden to sell a product that you have already made but not yet sold. If you wish to continue producing and marketing the item you have purchased, or if you want to try new ones, you must renew your license for another year or buy a new one.

What should I do if I exceed the number of reproductions?
If your sales have gone better than you had hoped for and you have reached the maximum number of reproductions allowed by your license, you need to purchase a new license, even if the license you already own has not yet expired.

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    Dedicated to:
  • those who wants to produce quantities that exceed the pieces allowed by the COMMERCIAL LICENSE
  • those who want to make a product for commercial purposes on wholesale
  • those who wants to use one of our designs for marketing / advertsing purposes

Collaborations with companies excite us and we prefer to treat each request individually to best meet the needs and formulate a customized business license.

To facilitate communication, please specify as much information as possible, such as:
  • Name/type of company and its registered office
  • Product/s Modifile of your interest
  • Purpose of use


Our goal is to meet your expectations and offer you the best service possible. We invite you to read carefully some important information about the main rules of use of our products.

  1. Before making a purchase from our site, it is your responsibility to read our Terms of Use.
  2. Once purchased, the files are licensed to one (1) user.
  3. The contents of Modifile downloads can not be shared, loaned, exchanged, ceded or sold, distributed as free downloads or offered.
  4. Production for wholesale requires the approval of Modifile.
  5. By purchasing any type of our License, the copyright is not transferred.
  6. Due to the digital nature of our products, we don't foresee refunds or exchanges. Therefore we ask you kindly to read carefully what you are purchasing.

In any case, if something is still not clear to you, consult the FAQ section and if you still have not found the answer to your question, we are always available to clarify doubts or needs, contact us.

“A good deal is when both the seller and the buyer are earning” – J. Condrac